Denver Mayor

Building a better Denver...
For real.


I will implement a Second Chance Program that takes our homeless off the street and puts them in cost-effective housing. We have funds allocated to helping our homeless, but are using it ineffectively. View the Xavier Project here.

Air Quality

There is 42 million dollars in the budget right now that has accumulated from the quarter-percent sales tax increase years ago. We need to be using our tax dollars effectively to build a green city. I propose the city of Denver to use these funds to build electric vehicle charging stations on the end of streets. Electric is our future and Denver is NOT ready.

Renewable Energy

As a builder, I know where and how to install solar systems on new builds. We need to provide private companies and residents incentives to install solar in Denver. Plumbing needs to be moved accordingly on new builds to accommodate for solar installation.

About Robert

I was born and raised in New Jersey where I lived until I was 28 years old. I chose to move to Denver, Colorado in 1996 because of the low cost of living, expansive job opportunities, and overall thriving community. I launched my first business in Denver in the 90s where I have continued to be self-employed as a builder (minus the two years we built a home in Mexico)!

I have two boys, Aidan and Gavin, both of who have been brought up knowing the value of hard work. Aidan is 21 years old and works with me at Treta Consultants Incorporated. Gavin is 16 years old and occasionally helps out with the family business.

I believe in Denver just like I did when I moved here decades ago. But we need some help. I have always been engaged in our community, including my conversations with our homeless citizens.

“It’s time for a leader in Denver who truly has the city’s best interest at heart, and I really do. I’m a builder by trade, and when I see what the city does regulation-wise, and spending-wise, it’s almost like they’re trying to make it hard for everyday Coloradans to build their lives here. When I’m elected mayor, I will commit to making it easy and affordable for people to live and work in the city of Denver, guaranteed.”